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gets the votes out and wins elections.

Connected to one of the largest political consulting firms in the country, we have the depth and experience to enter any campaign at any point and deliver turnkey operations to alter the trajectory of the race. We hit the ground running with strategic messaging, walk-books, phone scripts and collateral to immediately begin conversations that will build momentum.

We infuse your community with vetted and trained professionals who are passionate about your campaign, informed on key issues and who are skilled in building connections with voters.
Walk Books & Messaging
Based on voter research, we work with your campaign to develop strategic talking points and scripts to guide conversations with voters. Not only will our team use this messaging -- we can also fully train your staff and volunteers to strategically direct conversations to help convince each voter.
Phone Banks & Texting
We swiftly set up and staff systematically operated phone banks to reach as many voters as possible, as efficiently as possible. Messaging in hand, our staffers are trained to maximize each phone conversation, gaining votes. Our team also deploys effective texting campaigns to reach as many voters in your district as possible.
Data Analysis and Strategy Pivots
No one can predict what will happen in a campaign. Winning campaigns, however, are best at identifying issues fast, quantifying how voters are reacting, and leveraging intel and data to pivot to an advantage. Our team keeps a constant eye to the data we capture and that is available to us, ready to consult in the moment on best possible next steps.
Campaign School
Vanguard Field Strategies offers a campaign school specifically focused on training field staff, volunteers and activists alike in the best practices for grassroots field work.
Vanguard Field Strategies has been deployed to deliver important victories for Republican candidates across the United States, with experience working in over 30 states.
No matter the obstacle or weather conditions, we are undeterred in delivering your campaign’s message. Our team is out in the elements shaking hands and making contact with voters, whether fighting through blizzards in Michigan and Colorado, or in the sweltering heat in Arizona and Texas.