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Advocacy is personal. The way you talk to decision makers should be too.
Vanguard is a field strategies firm specializing in direct stakeholder contact and grassroots & grasstops development and management. We offer your campaign a quickly assembled and effectively implemented ground game that cuts through the clutter of political noise and advertising to deliver your message to the stakeholders face-to-face.
We deliver a turnkey ground campaign, tailored to the unique circumstances of the campaign and the contacts you need to reach. We provide vetted, trained and passionate conservative professionals to create a trustworthy and informed face for your campaign.
To shake hands. To personally connect with voters.
We are field professionals.
Your existing internal staff and volunteer counts can be tough to predict. Life happens: kids, jobs, health, the weather. We are professionals, relentless in getting the job done, passionate about creating conversations that produce unstoppable momentum and support.

“Now more than any other time, direct personal contact with stakeholders is a critical component of any successful campaign. Mail, TV, digital, radio, etc. are all important factors, but serious advocacy and candidate campaigns prioritize a professional ground game,”

"and reap greater, more predictable results"
JOE J. WILLIAMS, President


The face-to-face conversation, the handshake – the personal contact will always cut through the noise. Whether door-to-door, at events, or in the community, we deliver your message in real life conversations and explanations.
Data-based field research
Walk books & messaging
Phone banks & texting
Campaign school & training
2020 Reed Award Winner Best Use of Paid Field Program
Vanguard Field Strategies
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